Dungeon Siege III: Treasures of the Sun DLC Achievements Revealed

There's been no news of Dungeon Siege III's first DLC Treasures of the Sun since its announcement more than a month ago so fans of Obsidian's take on the hack'n'slash franchise will be pleased to know about this admittedly small tidbit, as its ten achievements have been released on Steam. Here are the descriptions (be warned, they may contain minor spoilers):
Litany Learned
You learned the recitation in the Temple of Azunai.

Anointed Ointment
You collected the sacred oil in Sandspring Cavern.

Mistress of the Abbey
You met Eleanor, de facto leader of the Abbey of St. Hiram.

The Worm Has Turned
You defeated the Giant Sand Worm.

All Ye Who Enter Here
You performed the ritual and gained access to the Agallan Vault.

The Path Not Taken
You respecced your character.

It Ain't Lion
You spoke to the Lamasu.

Mummy Dearest
You defeated High Priest Molochi.

Bones on the Sand
You survived your first encounter with the undead in the desert.

Confirmed Shriner
You lit the sacred flames at all three desert shrines.