Might & Magic Heroes VI Blood and Tears Reputation System Detailed, Trailer

In order to better illustrate a new "Blood & Tears" reputation/morality system that Black Hole is introducing in Might & Magic Heroes VI, Ubisoft sent over a quick overview and this new 107-second trailer that demonstrates some of what we'll experience when taking the path of Dragon Blood.

Onward to the specifics:
Might & Magic Heroes 6 introduces a new system called Reputation. Time and again, the player will be faced with a very important Reputation choice between two different '˜moral paths' the path of Dragon Tears and the path of Dragon Blood. '˜Blood' Heroes will be active and offensive, while '˜Tears' Heroes will be more reactive and defensive.

The outcome of the game depends on the path in which your hero takes and can result in a completely different player experience based on the choices made throughout your campaign. Each path is linked to a unique epilogue map with the ability to unlock special quests and different companion heroes. Hero abilities are also defined by their affinity with each reputation path for instance, the higher your ranking in the '˜Blood' path, the more powerful the associated abilities become.

Lastly, some of the rarest and most powerful artifacts in the game are Reputation-specific. Many of the in-game quests will offer a Reputation choice and reward the gamer with the appropriate Reputation points. Once you've reached a certain level of points, you have the ability to evolve into an advanced Reputation class.