Fallout: New Vegas Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC Specifics, Part Five

We'll have to wait a few more minutes for the DLC to go live on Steam, and PlayStation users a little while more (especially if Europeans, since there it'll go live tomorrow in those territories), so in the meanwhile it's worth to check out the fifth and last installment of the Gun Runners' Arsenal preview on the Bethblog, in which J.E. Sawyer describes some peculiar melee and unarmed weapons:
Greased Lightning, GRA Power Fist - The Gun Runners understand that bullets aren't the answer to all problems. Sometimes, you need a really solid Power Fist. We've got two. Greased Lightning is a one-of-a-kind model. We're not sure what the heck they did to it, but the pistons fire so fast we thought it was going to tear our tester's arm off! Damage is much lower than a standard Power Fist, but when you're hitting this fast, who cares? If you want something more customizable, pick up our GRA Power Fist. Chromed Tubes increase condition, High Cap Valves boost damage, and there's even an option for Ported Chambers to modestly accelerate attack speed.

Chainsaw, GRA Ripper - The Gun Runners have big and small options for lovers of automatic chain weapons. Both the Chainsaw (above) and Ripper can be customized with Carbide Teeth (increases damage) and a Heavy Duty Chain (increases condition). Additionally, the normally hefty chainsaw can be lightened with the installation of an Alloy Frame.

Gehenna, Nuka-Breaker - Small and fiery or big and sparky. Those are your options with our unique Shishkebab and Rebar Club. Yeah, the Nuka-Breaker doesn't look like a Rebar Club, but we've done the repairs, and they're surprisingly similar.Trust us. Gehenna (above) burns with a more intense flame than the standard Shishkebab and does a bit more base damage. In addition to hitting like a Brotherhood Paladin dropped off of a cliff, the Nuka-Breaker has a chance to electrocute its targets on impact. Maybe it's overkill, but we don't think that's a bad thing.