Fallout: New Vegas Gun Runners' Arsenal DLC Specifics, Part Three

We are at the third of the five total planned installments for this preview of the Gun Runners' Arsenal item pack for Fallout: New Vegas, and this time project director J.E. Sawyer from Obsidian walks us through a selection of new ammo types and new and sort-of-new guns:
25mm and 40mm Pulse and Plasma Grenades - Tired of using your Grenade Launcher and Grenade Machinegun to (just) blow things up? Why not fry or melt them with Pulse or Plasma Grenades? You like Pulse Grenades, right? Plasma Grenades, too? Then what's not to like about shooting them out of a gun? Before you ask: yes, 25mm Pulse and Plasma Grenades are safe to use in the 25mm Grenade APW.


Bozar - Some have called this beauty the (ultimate refinement of the sniper's art). We call it a highly accurate Light Machine Gun with a mil-spec scope, a 30-round magazine of 5.56mm, and a rate of fire that can project a withering storm of lead downrange in no-time flat. The compensator keeps it accurate even on full auto. With 5.56mm Match ammunition, you could mag-dump into a Bloatfly's head at a hundred yards with all shots on target (no guarantee implied).