SWTOR's Story Will Change Questing Forever

A new editorial on MMORPG.com shares one editor's opinion on why the "innovative new features" that BioWare Austin is including within Star Wars: The Old Republic will "change questing forever". I haven't played SWTOR myself yet, so I hope he's right:
Is everyone and their mother still doing the same exact quests? Yes. Is everyone still 'the hero' in a world filled to the brim with heroes? Yes. This won't be escaped in a theme-park MMO. But what TOR is doing is improving the presentation to the point where disbelief can be suspended a bit more than usual. Even with a group in a Flashpoint, you're likely to feel part of something unique and special... At least the first time you run through the place (when someone fixes the problem of repetitive content, then we can write a new article).

There will still be 'Kill this' and 'deliver that' mechanics behind it all. Have no doubts there. But the way in which we'll be told to go and do these tasks will undoubtedly make doing them more interesting than ever before. It isn't just "Please help me by killing ten slavers.". It's "Please help me defeat these bastards, as you watched them kill my son." In TOR's quests you're brought closer to the narrative than ever before, and more than anything else the game does, this is what impresses me most each time I see it.