The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Twitter Tidbits

For the most part we have ignored Pete Hines' (VP of PR and Marketing at Bethesda Softworks) twitter account, but since he has lately been giving answers on Skyrim-related questions, it's worth reporting at least some of them for those who are interested in the title.
@DCDeacon Hey Pete, can you tell me if is possible a Horse Riding in first person view in Skyrim? Or it is just in 3rd person view?

@raelbr Horse riding only in 3rd person.

@DCDeacon hey Pete Probably not a good time but are Falmer in? just wondering

@IamJodyLee Yes, we have confirmed Falmer are in the game.

@GodIsGinger Yes, Xbox controller support on PC.

@DCDeacon Just for clarification, we can have a further draw distance on the pc than the 360?

@Sickslol As always, we make sliders available for the PC so you can scale things. Bigger the machine, the more you can jack up the settings

@DCDeacon Quick question: how are the borders in Skyrim handled? Invisible walls or natural borders or something else? Thanks in advance :)

@ihlvr A mix of both.

@DCDeacon can you see your character in 3D in #skyrim like #oblivion? Please answer please! @ElderScrolls @nickbreckon

@ammarsaleem85 Yes, you can view you character in 3rd person and control the camera to view yourself from all angles.

@DCDeacon - I enjoyed the video alot. Thanks for posting. Will skyrim have alot of different races to marry/be with in the skyrim?

@Angelic_Becky All of them.

@DCDeacon Hey Pete I was read the convo from you & Angelic_Becky and I am confused. To clarify: You can marry every race but not every body?

@StaintJiub most races, not all. you can't marry everyone.

@DCDeacon pls answer, will dovakiin sound like a boy with his voice breaking(like demo) or a proper man in the actual game

@awesomostu All VO in the build is placeholder. It sounds cool in the game.

@DCDeacon This has been asked before Im sure, but is there a chance that you could release some PC screens before Skyrim is released?

@CaosssJAJ You've already seen PC screens. You just didn't know it.

@DCDeacon Didn't Todd Howard say in a podcast that the map for the pre-orders would be ''A cloth map with a similar feel to burlap''?

@lolzz19 It feels like burlap, but it isn't technically cloth. That's all I meant.