Borderlands v1.42 Steam Patch Released

Gearbox Software has released a Steam-specific v1.42 patch for Borderlands, which includes Steam Cloud support and a new statistic-tracking service called BTest that hopefully won't just produce stats indicating that players don't want to do any thinking during a game and that any title beyond 3 hours in length is too long. Anyway, the patch notes:
Implemented new opt-in stat-tracking service, BTest, for Steam players.

- The result of ongoing work within Gearbox Labs, BTest is a limited-time experiment that offers you the chance to help us tune and improve our games.

- By choosing to participate in BTest, you help us learn more about the world of Borderlands (what guns are the most popular and effective, what areas are being played the most, etc.) just by playing the game!

- You will be able to compare your characters to your friends and other players throughout the world through the Gearbox Labs site.

- For more information on BTest visit

- Added new EULA and opt-in / opt-out menu choices for BTest functionality.

- Save games now sync with Steam Cloud for remote backup.