Unconfirmed: DSIII Update Coming, Will Allow Respec

According to Siliconera, Obsidian Entertainment would be working on an update "designed for high level characters" which includes respeccing and other tweaks for the much-debated and criticized dungeon crawler.
We're going to have to update that article because a source (that pointed to our previous interview as incorrect) says a respec feature is coming to Dungeon Siege III. It's part of an update designed for high level players with other tweaks to Square Enix's dungeon crawler. So, don't restart the game with Anjali. You will be able to turn her from a fire archon to a spear master someday (soon?).

As of today, there hasn't really been official word of supporting the game with DLC or additional patches, so if true, it certainly would be nice for Dungeon Siege III players.