Deus Ex New Vision Texture Pack Released, Video and Article

With "75% of the world textures remastered in high definition", the New Vision Texture Pack for Deus Ex is easily one of the most ambitious overhauls we've ever seen for a dated game. The newly released mod has even caught the attention of the Giant Bomb guys, where they've done a "Quick Look Throwback" video, as well as the editors at Games On Net, who have since kicked out a thorough overview of what we should expect:
New Vision is a Deus Ex texture-mod four years in the making, and one that's well worth checking out. Packing two gigabytes of high resolution textures, New Vision is a remarkably well-named mod: installing and activating it was an experience akin to being able to properly see for the first time. Although it can't do much about the low polygon count - and that's okay, because it was the year 2000 - it adds a crisp sharpness that makes playing through the game almost as rosy an experience as simply losing yourself in your own nostalgic memories.

If there's one downside to the New Vision package, it's that the new stupidly high-resolution textures apply to the environments only: the character textures, while doubtlessly improved with the use of a proper DirectX 10 renderer, now look unfortunately slightly blurry by comparison. Still as the New Vision mod itself recommends, installing the HDTP Project mod can turn that slightly blurry frown around, although not all the models are finished yet. Still after four years of waiting and eleven years of living with our memories, there's simply no better way to re-experience the joy of Deus Ex - and anybody playing for the first time (I'm sure there's somebody around who grabbed it in a Steam sale, come on) will probably vastly enjoy this new, sharper world in which many of the signs can actually be read by human eyes.