Fallout: New Vegas Old World Blues DLC Reviews

If the initial selection of Old World Blues reviews are enough to go by, I'd say that Obsidian Entertainment has produced one of the highest regarded DLC add-ons for any RPG to date.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun weighs in without a score:
Most of the good stuff relies on surprise, so I'm not going to ruin too much of it here. Essentially though, there are two main questlines in Old World Blues the main one, in which you try to escape, and a second involving finding the AI components of your new flat, which will give you toys like a new AutoDoc capable of resetting your Traits (as a one-time thing), and a hydroponics machine that sounds like Barry White and demands your seed. This second one is presented as a scavenger hunt, although really the World/Local maps tell you exactly where to go, and it's more a way of taking you to the locations you wouldn't have found. It's worth not simply running in, grabbing the disc and running out though, as the design throughout this expansion is excellent. Visually, it's completely stock Fallout 3-style architecture for the most part and by god, do I hope Fallout 4 never reminds me of these buildings but the little vignettes and mini-stories in each of them are all excellent. As with the expansion as a whole, they're often more detailed than they look, with options to redo tests at higher difficulty levels, or simply cheat. Sneak through a building without being detected by the droids? You can do that. Or you can just blow up the droids before starting the test and amble across in your own sweet time.

Examiner gives it an "A-":
It's almost shocking, the disparity between Old World Blues and the other two DLC's Bethesda's released for New Vegas thus far. I'd almost begun to believe that none of the New Vegas DLC's would match the awesomeness of Point Lookout, but in Old World Blues, they finally got it right. Here's hoping that the next installment's just as funny, frenetic, and worth-my-$10.

Trendkiller Online suggests a score of 9.5/10, even though that isn't official:
I've always said that a for a batch of Fallout DLC to be "good" it must bring what the core game does best into the formula, it has to be a microcosm of the main Franchise. Luckily that's the case here, it's an expansive enough area to explore, a good mix of combat styles thanks to the varied weaponry and has a story with an unbelievable amount of charm. Add in the fact that you don't get stripped of all your gear for the first time in a New Vegas add-on and I think this pack more than justifies the $10 asking price.

And The Controller Online gives it a 9/10:
Old World Blues does what any good DLC adventure should do; take you to someplace unfamiliar. The setting, atmosphere and tone are like nothing in the rest of the game. At 4-7 hours in length it more than justifies it's 800 MS Point price tag. A must have.