Dungeon Siege III Reviews

In case you're interested in what the press has to say about Obsidian's latest offering, we've rounded up three more reviews for Dungeon Siege III.

GameShark, B-.
Co-op issues aside, there's really nothing particularly wrong with Dungeon Siege III. It's an enjoyable, if un-ambitious game. I enjoyed it for what it was, but at the end of the day I left it having wanted it to be more. There's greater potential in this world and these characters than Obsidian elected to pursue. Given their track record, I suppose I can understand their desire \ to play it safe with the game's design. What they produced is an enjoyable and utterly competent romp through a fairly standard fantasy world. By that benchmark it's a solid game. I just doubt many players will remember or be enticed to come back to it a year from now.

GamerGaia, 8.0/10.
Dungeon Siege III does a lot of things right, but the game is hindered a bit by several glaring omissions and oversights. If you don't like the control scheme, too bad; you are stuck with what is there. The lack of alternate storylines for each character is a bit of a letdown and several control hiccups can be found throughout. For some reason, if I held the joystick forward through a cut scene my character wouldn't move once control was returned. Little things like that can be found throughout that ultimately add up to some minor annoyances.

The dungeon crawler genre rarely gets a console entry and the Baldur's Gate series really set the standard high. Dungeon Siege's first entry into the world of console gaming is far from a bad one. However, you may find yourself frustrated at some presentation and control issues as well as an incredibly shallow multiplayer experience. Those issues really are just a drop in the bucket because after all, a dungeon crawler is about collecting oodles of loot and killing loads and loads of baddies.

GamesEyeView, 7/10.
Despite the game's failings, Dungeon Siege III is still a fun game. The change in gameplay style from the first two games in the series fits perfectly and will still feel familiar to Action RPG fans. While the multiplayer is a bit of a mess, and the are some other issues that players will need to overlook (like the horrible voice acting), Dungeon Siege III is still an enjoyable RPG with a good story and solid gameplay. While it's certainly not a game for everyone and could have stood a bit more balancing, it's certainly worth a rental for RPG and action game fans.