Dungeon Siege III Reviews

We have rounded up some more reviews for Square Enix and Obsidian Entertainment's Dungeon Siege III, which keeps scoring mixed impressions from the press.

The Chronicle Herald, scoreless but the tone is clearly not impressed.
If you're looking for a basic loot-fest with lots of enemies to fight and all the RPG trimmings you expect from a game with "Dungeon" in the title, this title will certainly deliver the goods.

But its lack of novelty, frustrating menus, frequent camera issues and surprisingly limited content won't win over any fans used to glistening 40+ hour epics that eat up weeks of summer evenings.

GamingExcellence, 6.5/10.
Dungeon Siege III is a decent game; it just let itself down by not living up to what it could have been and by making some sloppy mistakes and over generalization that took away from any individuality or change in experience from one play through to another.

Multiplayer Online Game Directory, 3/5.
Dungeon Siege III is an okay game to tide you over until something better comes around, but there are a number of other games I could recommend instead. The story isn't memorable or engaging. The production values fail to thrill. Multiplayer is a struggle to enjoy and I found the game actually more fun when played alone (I don't think I can say that about a lot of games). Dungeon Siege III had the potential to be a grand adventure and a lot of fun, but in the end it's a humdrum experience and nothing more than an average game that often feels as if it's not even striving to be anything more than that.

Stuff.co.nz, 7.5/10.
Luckily for Dungeon Siege III, the loot - generally a major in games like these - and the flaws in the multiplayer can be covered for by the many other positives brought to the table. The slick action, the tidy levelling system, and the presentation all create a game well worth playing. Grab a friend, grab a couple of drinks and any problems seem to vanish.

GamingTruth, 7/10.
Dungeon Siege III will not be for everyone, however if your looking for a fun time of running around, killing monsters, collecting (pointless) loot, and connecting with your buddies then this is a game I would recommend. It is long at length and leaves a really good degree of difficulty since the game does have some excellent AI. However, the $60 price take is a tough pill to swallow on this game.

3News, 3/5.
Basically, I liked a lot of things about Dungeon Siege III. I liked the combat system, I liked that you can't max out every single ability you get, I liked that you didn't have to loot every house and spend hours selling 300 silver forks to get enough to buy health/mana potions.

But I thought it lacked an emotive plot and longed for one which would engage me more. Which proved to be its biggest failing and turned it from an improvement on the genre to same old, same old with a few new elements.