Dungeon Siege III Reviews

We have rounded up a few new reviews for Square Enix and Obsidian Entertainment's hack'n'slash Dungeon Siege III, consistent in tone with the critiques published so far.

RPGamer, 3.0/5.
Overall, Dungeon Siege III is solid dungeon crawler that does many things right, but never really manages to set itself apart from the hundreds of other fantasy RPGs out there. The game is quite short, offering less than fifteen hours for a single playthrough, which makes it difficult to justify its high price tag. For those seeking a good hack 'n' slash experience that doesn't skimp on story, Dungeon Siege III is a good bet, just don't be expecting anything amazing.

NAG Online, 65/100.
I'd readily recommend Dungeon Siege III to someone who plans to play it alone than someone looking for a multiplayer action RPG. It's a bit limited, but if you can see past that, it's a slick game with fast-paced action and beautiful visuals to enjoy.

Goozer Nation, scoreless.
GoozerNation does recommend Dungeon Siege III, as long as you know what you're getting into. If you prefer single player RPG-Action games with a D&D feel to it, stick to Dragon Age 2 or the upcoming Skyrim. If, however, you have two or three friends that thrive on dungeon crawlers, then pick up a few copies of this game. You'll have a ton of fun.

Lastly, and thankfully, it's good to mention that save points are frequent. Just remember to use them. Those boss fights can be killer.

Diehard GameFAN, "above average game".
Dungeon Siege III in no way, shape or form reinvents the wheel, or even takes the specific hack and slash action RPG subgenre out of the traditional giant spider filled forests many of us have seen in similar games over the years. What it does do is provide a fast, fun, and rewarding experience that lends itself well to multiple playthroughs as different characters, thanks to an interesting and very customizable skill development mechanic. A New Game Plus option would have been nice, as would a multiplayer mode that was worth a damn, but Dungeon Siege III is still a great time for fans of the specific subgenre, and a welcome, if not very spirited, return to the franchise.