Dungeon Siege III Reviews

We have rounded up a new batch of reviews for Square Enix and Obsidian Entertainment's Dungeon Siege III, and at this point the fact that the hack'n'slash keeps receiving mixed impressions from the press is not news at all.

1UP, B-.
Obsidian's attempt at adding story elements fails to impress this time -- which stands out even more due to how plenty of other RPGs (especially Obsidian's) pull off a much better narrative. At most, the combat remains as fun as ever, and I enjoy playing the campaign as Katarina -- seeing how quickly she drained health bars with her guns becomes a satisfying experience. It's just unfortunate, though, that other factors such as the not-very-engaging story or the awkward co-op mechanics mar the "kill whatever that moves" experience of previous games.

PopMatters, 6/10.
It's hard to recommend Dungeon Siege III since Torchlight, a downloadable hack-and-slash RPG, is available on all the same platforms and offers much of the same experience with better execution and at a quarter of the price. Dungeon Siege III is not a bad game since there's enough to keep you playing until the end, but it's not good enough to keep you playing past that.

The Daily DL reviews the game again, awarding the Xbox 360 version a 7/10 (the PC version' score is 6.5/10).
Dungeon Siege III is a fun game but if you really love the series it will let you down. While the functions of combat and character progression, the camera, multiplayer, and A.I bring down the experience the most. It's not abysmal and is worth a playthrough if you can rent or borrow it, but after you play it once, you probably won't come back to it.

G4, 4/5.
DSIII doesn't revolutionize the genre, nor does it pose a threat to the upcoming Diablo III. However, its lightning-quick combat, addictive character progression, and fleshed-out story make it more than a welcome entry, especially in a generation that's seen us scavenging more ammo clips than loot.

PixelJumpers, 7/10.
In the end Dungeon Siege III turns out to be a good action RPG/Dungeon Crawler. It has all the necessary pieces that make for a great game but some stumbles along the way, most notably the poorly implemented co-op, disappointing loot and awkward dialogue scenes, leave it worse for wear. If you're hankering for some loot and are willing overlook the glaring flaws, then I'm sure you'll have a good time with Dungeon Siege III; just don't expect to be blown away.

Daily Record, 3/5.
Dungeon Siege III also features a online mode, which is unfortunately average and has been clumsily implemented.

But if the online mode is flawed, the single player campaign certainly has its moments, but ultimately, the game never elevates itself into the realm of games such as Diablo or Torchlight.

Not a bad game, then, but one which is decidedly average.

Playstation Illustrated, 80%.
Dungeon Siege III does little to separate itself from other games in its genre. It lacks Torchlight's quick-fix playability and Diablo's style. Yet, it is still a solid, well-made game. I had a fun with Dungeon Siege III, which is all you really need.