Mass Effect's Art Inspired by Final Fantasy Movie

According to what CVG reports Mass Effect 3's art director Derek Watts claimed in an interview on the latest Xbox World 360 magazine issue that box office bomb Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was an influence on elements of the art of the Mass Effect franchise, such as the GUI and the ship designs. Here's what he said:
"Yeah, you know we actually reference a lot from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. We used a lot of their GUIs and the way they did their ship - that was kind of like in some of the early designs for the Normandy," revealed Watts.

"Our attack helicopters are loosely based off that movie. There's some great stuff, especially their glowing GUI screens; we used those a lot. I keep a folder of that stuff and I still actually tell the guys 'just go back and look at that. Change it like that!'"