Hellgate's Microtransaction and Ticket System Explained

With Hellgate Global entering open beta on June 30th, T3Fun has revealed the two methods they'll be utilizing in order to bring in revenue from the free-to-play action RPG. What I find interesting (and relieving) is that a one-time ticket purchase will get us access to all of the original retail game's content, as well as the Stonehenge and Abyss Chronicles content expansions (which includes the daily quest and auction systems). Of course, you can also spend more on "premium items", but unless the game has been ramped up in difficulty since HanbitSoft took over, I'm not sure why us original players would find them even remotely necessary:
As Hell's eternity comes forth in just a few days,

The T3fun Team would like to reveal that Hellgate Global will be embracing the "Ticket System".

The Ticket system is one of the newest and promising additions to the game and there are two types of System that will be available:

1. Premium Item Sale (Cash Shop)

Cash shops are shops that let you access a wide variety of premium items that may boost your character's performance or enhance the quality of service you can get (buffs, modified exps, etc - depending on which premium service you did apply). Mostly the items in the cash shop
are not dropped by monsters nor sold at NPC Shops.

2. Ticket Subscription

One ticket subscription allows a player to enter a specific area and dungeon after Hellgate's Act 2 (Starting at Waterloo Bridge). It gives players the access to continue quests and experience a whole new game play. The Ticket subscription is your gateway to hell's eternity. The ticket is eternal and everlasting.

Areas that will be unlocked after ticket1 usage:

- Act 3
- Act 4
- Act 5
- 2nd Attack
- Abyss
- Stonehenge

*One ticket subscription allows for all characters from one account to enter one expansion.

Also, please be informed that due to an existing partnership between Hanbitsoft and local publishers, the IPs of the following countries will be blocked from accessing Hellgate Global:

Korea, Japan, China, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.
As long as the ticket price is reasonable, I see no reason to complain about this setup. I suppose it would be nice if they threw a bone to us lifetime subscribers, though.