Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword - Captain Smith, Pt. 3 & 4

22 Jun 2011

Since the last time we checked Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Quintin Smith put online the last two installments of his Captain Smith series, in which he chronicles his first Mount & Blade: With Fire & Sword playthrough, which also happens to be his first stab at the sandbox series (Part 3, Part 4). Here's a sampling of what you'll find inside:
For the first time, the enemy come to us. Immediately my lines of musketmen open fire, dropping the brigands as they sprint forward into the jaws of death.

Unthinkingly, I begin racing up and down my defenses, because that’s what leaders do. I’m so busy barreling around on my horse that I almost forget to issue an order for my men to charge when the shattered bandits finally reach the bottom of my hill, winning me the fight in a matter of seconds.

I’m elated. And here’s where the magic happens.

Looking at my map to plan the return trip, I realise that I was fighting in the village of Zamoshye. I was fighting the same bandits that toppled me from my horse three times when I first started playing With Fire & Sword. The bandits that shot at me with such proficiency that I was scared away from riding horses for a month. And who should finally put a stop to them but me! Ha! Sucks to be them! Because I killed them! I am a good captain.

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