The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Tidbits

German publication PSInside has provided a list of new details on the upcoming Bethesda RPG Skyrim. Media Minfield provides a translation.
- Players can earn a few coins by chopping wood finding objects or forging weapons.
- The highest mountain can be climbed, the higher you go the heavier the snowfall will get.
- 150 dungeons are available, which are all different. Those who are particularly interested in the backstory can collect over 300 books with information in them.
- The level system is pretty much the same, with 18 different skills to increase, including various weapon and magic skills.
- There are no acrobatic and athletic skills this time
- Different skills are grouped, each level can unlock a new perk, from a total of 280
- The two shoulder buttons on the controller can control the hands of the hero using either sword, shield or spells
- Raising a shield blocks the players view.
- There are spells with which to incite enemies or stun them for a short time to flee. Also, there are ones that can lead you to the next quest givers. There is special magic that can only be acquired by syllables found on walls.