Star Wars: The Old Republic Previews

Should you find yourself in the mood for yet another round of E3 previews for Star Wars: The Old Republic, you need not look any further than the three listed below.

With a plethora of distant planets to travel, it makes sense that you get there in style. This is Star Wars after all, and it wouldn't quite be the same if you didn't have the ability to take control of your own starship. Taking 'ňúcontrol' is perhaps understating it a bit as your starship will be your home away from home, your base of operations if you will. Of course, no starship will be complete without your own crew, who will actually prove to be of great value to you as opposed to being nothing but fancy ornamental NPCs.

In the need for some more resources? Simply give the order and your crew will do their best to acquire some. Now you've got some of those oh-so-valuable resources, you'll likely want to put them to good use by crafting various items such as weapons or armour. Use them or sell them, the choice is yours. If you fancy something a bit more direct then issue the command and you can even have your crew venture forth into the recesses of the galaxy carrying out missions while you're away. It's good to be captain.

The Old Republic looks like it has a finite storyline (at this point) but there also looks to be a number of ways to experience it. Not only can players take up a Sith or Jedi role, but each of the game's eight character classes have their own stories to tell. In fact, a BioWare representative explained that each player plays through his/her own personal trilogy with each of the classes. If this is true, then the claim that Star Wars: The Old Republic has more than 100 hours of gameplay for each class means that this game might never be fully played through anytime soon after launch.

BioWare is promising a great presentation to go along with those hundreds of play-hours. This is the first-ever MMO to feature a fully-voiced cast. This doesn't just apply to the game's main characters, though, as even irrelevant NPCs have something to say. The visuals, though, don't seem as promising. While the game's trailer has been blowing people away with amazing graphics, the actual in-game footage was a little disappointing. The characters (especially in close-ups) came across as plastic/rubbery. One would hope that the developers would work towards improving this between now and when the game comes out later this year, but this might simply be the way things are to keep the game from being too much of a drain on systems or servers.

And Gamer Gaia:
Another tribute to the dedication of the writers is that hardly any content is going to be reconstituted between various classes. Every class is going to received independent and individual story arcs that differ vastly from the others. Now, that doesn't mean that the entire game is going to be different for every character. There is still the major story revolving around the war between the Empire and the Republic, but each class is going to have its own personal agenda within that war.

Bioware has also stated that each character's storyline is going to take around 100+ hours to complete and there are a total of eight or so characters. If you are really looking to milk this game for everything it's worth, you are looking at around a thousand hours!