Fallout Modder Interview: Chris Parks

Next up on NMA's series of Fallout modder interviews is Chris Parks, creator of EPA, Primitive Tribe and Cold Hearts, as well as the lead on the long-running and very ambitious Mutants Rising project.
What are the challenges working on such a large project?

Initially, the project was spearheaded by myself and Dude101. We both discussed the storyline, but he wrote all the material and I covered the mapping and all the scripting. This, actually, made the project easier. We gave each other freedom to develop the project within certain guidelines.

More recently, the team has grown to a reasonable number which makes it harder. We have to regularly contact each other on certain issues, share the latest builds and generally make sure that we know what everyone is doing at any one time.

Even harder than that is getting people to work within a flexible timeframe when we all have careers, partners, (at least some of the team have partners) This is one of the major challenges to overcome.

Furthermore, a larger team tends to make the design take longer to iron out than a small team. We take longer to discuss major issues before reaching a compromise that works for everyone.