Vampire: Bloodlines v7.5 Unofficial Patch Released

Building upon the release of his v7.4a patch for Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines back in April, Wesp5 has just announced the availability of version 7.5 of the unofficial update. The notes:
'¢ +Set cameras stack limit to five and fixed bad stack limit variables.
'¢ +Made Heather meet you out from Venture Tower and fixed Gargoyle XP.
'¢ +Corrected restored content appearing in Giovanni Mansion and temple.
'¢ Moved unreachable NPCs at Hallowbrook hotel and fixed door opening.
'¢ Fixed Regent's lip-sync, warehouse pallet and railing clipping bugs.
'¢ Stopped VV sending emails if pissed and fixed some minor text bugs.
'¢ Fixed wrong weapon stats shown using new client.dll, thanks to int9.
'¢ Made Red Dragon hostess stay and repeat her elevator conversations.
'¢ Restored original poster order and clerk sexual bias to basic patch.
'¢ Fixed claw brother being susceptible to one-hit-kill by Possession.