Fallout 2 High Resolution Patch 3.0 Released

Mash hasĀ released version 3.0 of his excellent high resolution patch for Fallout 2. The new patch overhauls a lot of code and adds more options, so there's never been a better time to give it a whirl.
Major code overhaul, most of patch re-written and/or optimized.
Fixed Splash screen display.
Added scaling options for Splash, Help, Death, Ending Slides and Main-menu Screens.
Added option to load 8bit bmp's on Splash screen.
Added option to set 32bit colour output.
Text used in the Screen-Settings screen can now be edited in a msg file.
Hi-res patch art and other files have been intergrated into the fallout file system. And are now stored in f2_res.dat and can be patched in the data folder.
Added map edge clipping option to hide the unused area beyond the map borders.
Map edges are now the same no matter the resolution.
Multiple edge sets can now be set up on a single map level.
Map angled borders have been removed. All 10 000 tile and 40 000 hex positions can be utilized.
Numerous other small fixes.