Dungeon Siege III Odo's Journal, Entries 5-6

Considering that most previews have understandably been focusing on the combat system and gameplay, you may be interested in catching up with the last two entries of Dungeon Siege III's narrator diary, which offer more insight into the game's narrative. Entry 5, Entry 6.
Marten and I have ridden north to the Rukkenvahl, the only place in Ehb where we might still hide from Jeyne Kassynder and her spies. My old friend, Lazar Bassili, is now the boyar of Raven's Rill, ever since the death of his father. He assures me that his people remain loyal to the Legion.

We've taken refuge in the old Montbarron estate. From here, I've begun to send letters to all the men and women who I've kept safe for thirty years. Jeyne may move against us at any time. Our only hope is to gather here, re-establish the Legion, and build our own alliance to reclaim our country. I pray that the other children of the Legion are still alive when my letters reach them and that they find their way safely here...