Dungeon Siege III Preview

My Gaming provides us with another hands-on preview for the third main installment in the Dungeon Siege franchise, and they seem to be quite impressed with Obsidian's latest. Here's a snippet:
I will confess, my first impressions of Dungeon Siege III were not great. As a PC gamer, the extent to which the interface has been (streamlined) for our thumb-twiddling cousins was a bit of downer. The control system is a little unusual, combining numerous keyboard inputs with point and click mouse mechanics. For instance, players block using the space bar, and switch between stances using the Q key. WASD is also incorporated, and it quickly becomes clear that using these four keys is the best way to control your character's movement.

Fortunately, within an hour or two the control scheme feels natural, hovering somewhere between a classic point and click interface and a keyboard driven setup one would expect in a third person action adventure game. As I got used to the layout and interface, the game started to become rather enjoyable, and even quite compelling.

Another thing I noticed early on is that Dungeon Siege III is an absolute treat for the eyes. Textures are rendered with impeccable detail, and environments are ludicrously lush, while colours are vibrant, and lighting effects simply stunning. To be blunt, Dungeon Siege III is the best looking hack and Slash RPG released to date, and is really nothing short of an absolute joy to behold.