Mass Effect 3 Coming to Handhelds, Star Wars: The Old Republic This Year

A new sales figure for Dragon Age II isn't the only thing that was gleaned from EA's quarterly conference call, as IGN brings word that the publisher also has plans for a handheld/mobile version of Mass Effect 3 and intends to ship Star Wars: The Old Republic during the second half of 2011.
Mass Effect 3 and Battlefield 3 are getting portable releases, according to Electronic Arts' latest financial results. The schedule shows that a mobile/handheld version of each game will be available during the same launch months as the retail versions. No other information was provided. It's possible these will be some type of sub-games for iPhone or possibly even NGP and 3DS games.

EA's schedule also lists four unannounced sports titles for the first quarter of 2012 - one of which is also for PC - and a Sims console game for this holiday. EA notes that Star Wars: The Old Republic is slated for release during the second-half of 2011 despite not being listed. The publisher announced earlier today it was delaying the release of Mass Effect 3 on consoles into early 2012.
Unless it's a Mass Effect spin-off that houses plenty of RPG elements, I can't say I'm interested. Star Wars: The Old Republic is another story entirely, but after the latest round of previews, I'm honestly a bit worried about the direction they're taking it.