The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Preview

Australian website GameArena was also present at Bethesda's "BFG 2011" press outing, and they're next in line with a preview of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim based on what was shown during the event.
Each skill is beautifully marked by a constellation when you open it up in the menu, with perks highlighted as stars once unlocked. It makes you feel like a true champion of Tamriel as you look at your strengths blazing across the heavens. Most of the changes are designed to make the series less daunting for newcomers - nevertheless the way they work makes them more than welcome.

Now as I mentioned previously, you are named Dovahkiin - meaning Dragonborn - which implies there be dragons gallivanting about Skyrim. You are the bane of their existence and slaying them (as Todd demonstrated) is a major event - playing out as a boss battle requiring skill, cunning and a generous dose of luck to survive.

To aid you along the way you have a unique ability to shout Words of Power. These can be strung together with three tiers of intensity. Two such 'shouts' were Unrelenting Force - kind of like Force Push that would knock enemies back - while the other slowed down time. Each of these regenerate ever so slowly, to be used sparingly and saved for those 'Holy crap! I'm about to die' moments.