World of Warcraft Patch 4.2 Previews

If you're looking for info on the upcoming patch 4.2 patch for World of Warcraft and the to-be-introduced Firelands area, look no further, as several websites provide coverage. VG247 offers a pair of 2-minute video previews.

IGN previews.
Firelands won't solely be the home of Ragnaros. He is the final boss of a family of seven. The raid is designed in such a way that players can tackle the first four bosses in any order they wish, but need to slay them all to be able to move onto the final three. Those last three will need to be tackled sequentially.

The rewards for extinguishing the leaders of the Firelands are well worth it, though. The raid is home to a brand new Legendary Staff designed for damage-dealing casters. It's the first DPS Caster Legendary since Atiesh during the original World of Warcraft, and that item was only relevant for a couple months before The Burning Crusade wiped the slate clean. Obtaining the Legendary will involve a long quest chain where the staff takes on a series of forms, similar to the Shadowmourne legendary quest chain. It will also require groups to kill unique bosses in the Firelands (though these bosses are purely for the benefit of the weapon-holder and won't give the rest of the group loot).