Risen 2: Dark Waters Cinematic Trailer Commentary

As you may or may not have known, the company behind the recent Risen 2: Dark Waters cinematic trailer was Axis Animation - a company who you might recall also worked on the very popular Dead Island trailer (yeah, that one). With that introduction out of the way, it's worth noting that they sent out a press release earlier today in order to discuss their relationship with Deep Silver and the goals they had going into the Risen 2 project.  As opposed to most press releases, it's something of an interesting read:
Axis deliver pirates, monsters and dark magic for Risen 2: Dark Waters

Building on the relationship that led to the much talked about Dead Island trailer, UK based animation studio Axis have again worked with publisher Deep Silver on the reveal trailer for Risen 2, which is developed by Piranha Bytes.

Risen 2 is the sequel to the epic action RPG Risenâ„¢. The game is drops the player into a cataclysmic world where raging titans have devastated the planet and pushed humanity to the brink of existence.

The trailer, which was directed by Wiek Luijken, follows the games hero as he tries to extract information from one of the many pirates that populate the fantasy world.

(We were already well into production on Dead Island when Deep Silver approached us about working on the Risen 2 trailer.) said Axis Executive Producer Richard Scott.

(Our relationship with all the team at Deep Silver was going so well that we grabbed the chance to get on board another project with them.) Scott continues.

Deep Silver had a clear brief to communicate the change in character types and overall world within Risen 2, and of course develop all the original themes that made the first game so popular.

(The original game was known for having a different attitude to other action RPG games.) said Axis director Wiek Luijken. (They wanted to hold on to the more brutal, gritty reality of the original and weave in the new themes of pirates and magic which is in keeping with the setting in the narrative.)

Luijken took these key elements and created a narrative that focused on the hero character and introduced some familiar and new faces to drive the action and develop the intrigue.

(We wanted the viewers to be asking a few questions after they had watched the trailer.) continued Luijken. (The use of magic only takes up one moment in the film but is a dramatic point in the trailer. It changes the flow of the film reinforcing how important magic, which is in keeping with the setting will be, but leaving the viewer wondering about the scope of how they can use it.)

(It was great to work with Axis Animation on this trailer. From the beginning of our cooperation they had an immediate understanding of what we were looking for and which atmosphere we wanted to convey with this trailer), commented Daniel Oberlerchner, Senior Brand Manager, Deep Silver. (Risen 2: Dark Waters is not just typical fantasy RPG fare, it sets itself apart with its dark and gritty atmosphere and this was captured beautifully by Axis.)

Wiek Luijken also called on Savalas for music and sound design following the success of the Dead Island sound track that they contributed to.

(We had a great time working with Deep Silver and all our other collaborators so soon after Dead Island. We look forward to bringing everyone back together for more projects!) said Axis Producer Debbie Ross.