The 11 Most Terrifying Video Game Reveals

It's Friday and we haven't seen a good horror-themed list in awhile, so I'll send you over to Bloody Disgusting for a list of the eleven most terrifying video game reveals of all time. BioShock's "Would You Kindly?" and System Shock 2's SHODAN twists are among them:
I could talk about how amazing and revolutionary BioShock was but for a game with a lot of strengths, its story remains as one of the best told yet. It's been out a few years now so I hope this spoiler doesn't ruin anything for you, but remember all those suggestions you were given throughout the game that began with would you kindly? Yeah, that was a programmed trigger to get you to do whatever they wanted you to do. This was the Bruce Willis was dead the entire movie plot twist of the video game world. Oh, and our first encounter with a Big Daddy ranks in at a close second. Those dudes were tough.


If you didn't think a game could beat BioShock's plot twist or Eternal Darkness' bleeding walls then think again because System Shock 2 did just that. This is a twist no one could've seen coming. You awaken on a labyrinthine spaceship, alone and hunted by hungry creatures. Your only lifeline is one other survivor, Janice Polito. For much of the game you're trying to survive until you reach her office, the light at the end of this long and dangerous tunnel and the only safe place on the ship. But as soon as you enter her office the walls break apart to reveal SHODAN, the rogue AI from the first game that's been your guide all along. This was unforgettable and I've never felt so betrayed and bewildered in a game before.