Mass Effect Series Interview

GameInformer has a two-page Q&A with Mass Effect 3 lead writer Mac Walters about details and tidbits that are meant to clear up questions that linger for the most hardcore of hardcore Mass Effect fans.
Why do most of the Reapers we've seen so far have similar insect-like appearances? The human Reaper looked different, but otherwise it seems like the Reapers mainly build themselves out of bugs. Is that correct?

The exterior of the Reapers does follow a similar pattern, an efficient design for the purpose they were created for. However each Reaper is created from a unique species, and as we saw at the end of Mass Effect 2, the core of each Reaper is designed in the likeness of that species.


Legion couldn't fully answer Shepard's question about the reason it chose Shepard's armor to repair itself. Can you give us any insight?

Legion is a complex organism. And like many of us evolved organics, he is not always certain about why he does the things he does. But I think it's safe to assume that Legion saw in Shepard a sort of kindred spirit. Legion is unique among his kind, as is Shepard, and he no doubt inferred a sort of bond with this unique human individual. And. there was a hole.


Some fans have speculated that Aethyta (the Asari Matriarch behind the bar at Eternity) is Liara's (father.) Is there any truth to that? Will we find out more on that topic in Mass Effect 3?

The writers are keenly aware of the speculation and there are indeed discussions about how this plot line will resolve in Mass Effect 3. And that's all I can say about that.