GB Feature: Mass Effect 2 Arrival DLC Review

Despite the fact that Arrival is one of the shortest pieces of story-driven DLC we've been treated to for Mass Effect 2, we still felt that it was important to offer up a brief critique of the transitional add-on.
Arrival is also a bit on the thin side. Despite only taking a couple of hours to complete, many of the locations appear to have been added just to pad the playing time. You end the mission at a base on an asteroid, and somehow this base has something like eight elevators. It's like somebody at BioWare kept checking in to see if they had reached two hours yet, and when he found they hadn't, added in another floor and another minor fight. Worse, the DLC is completely linear, none of your choices change anything, and the premise itself is a little bit strange if you've already completed the OC. I mean, at that point you don't really need any extra proof of an invasion.