Dungeon Siege III Interview

The folks over at Gameplanet have whipped up an interview with Obsidian Entertainment's Nathan Davis, during which the associate producer tackles some baseline questions about the action RPG sequel. If you've been following the game for awhile, you've probably read most of this before:
Gameplanet: Games moved to console are often criticised for being dumbed down, has that affected this "depth" in the RPG system?

Davis: On the outside the RPG systems seem very simple, very basic but there is a lot of variation within that that can make dramatic changes to how you experience the game completely. The first decision you make on that front is which character you play.


Gameplanet: What can you tell us about multiplayer?

Davis: Multiplayer is jump in jump out. So you can join pretty much anywhere. You can play with up to 4 people online or have 2 player co-op going at home.

Gameplanet: Can we expect some post-release DLC?

Davis: [laughs] I really can't tell you that, but let me just say that Dungeon Siege 3 is the type of game that DLC was made for.