Vampire: Bloodlines v7.4 Unofficial Patch Released

After a three-month hiatus, Wesp5 has returned to unofficially update Troika's Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines to version 7.4. It surprises me that he's still able to come up with welcome tweaks after so many years of updating the game:
'¢ +Made Danielle stay upon sending Patty to Vandal and removed safe node.
'¢ Moved many notable restorations from basic patch to be available in Plus Edition only.
'¢ Made skip intro always work on resolutions > 800x600 and fixed double pawnshop key.
'¢ Corrected prostitutes privacy, Ash switch and Giovanni name issues.
'¢ Included auto-moving and walk/run toggle, thanks to Dheu and Malkav.
'¢ Fixed parking garage gang war problem and Ming as Nines size issue.
'¢ Restored Larry's locations in basic patch and removed his email.
'¢ Corrected facing Ming Obfuscated and readded claws inventory infos.
'¢ Fixed tutorial conditions for high stats and area discipline popups.
'¢ Repaired asking Strauss about dealt-with-gargoyle and text details.
'¢ Removed body bag models from Dane and added one into Giovanni crypt.
'¢ Restored Nines line, sister reconciliation and fixed Bertram issue.
'¢ Swapped Anarchs back into basic patch and fixed getting XPs at Zhao's.
'¢ Tweaked Strength history to avoid making Bloodstar powerup useless.
'¢ Fixed camera cycle and Chuck being mute, thanks to burgermeister.