Making World of Warcraft Fun Again

IGN offers an editorial in which they think of ways to make World of Warcraft fun again if you're growing bored with it, specifically by revisiting old raid instances.
Blackwing Lair can be tough as nails and because of some of the mechanics is currently impossible to completely clear solo. Razorgore the Untamed used to be the very first raid boss that truly tested a group's execution. As soon as the fight started, enemies would pour into the room from the sides and groups had to kill the casters as soon as possible while keeping the dragons and legionnaires busy somewhere in the middle of the room. Meanwhile, someone had to take control of the boss using the Orb of Domination and force him to bust up the eggs scattered around. With 40 people at level 60 the fight was pretty darn tough. With 2 85s it's both challenging and a lot of fun. You just need one person to control the Orb and one person to grab every single enemy who enters the room. All of them.

When I did it for the video above, the fight was bugged and I had to /dance just before my control over the dragon broke or else he would run over to me and somehow literally blow up the entire room. This weirdly made the fight even more fun.