The Witcher: Versus Reviews

Now that CD Projekt and one2tribe's The Witcher: Versus is available for iOS, we've seen a handful of new reviews for the dueling action RPG. Unfortunately, though, they're not all that favorable.

GamePro gives it a 1/5:
You'll level up after lucking into a few wins, and you can spend money on better equipment, blah-dy blah-dy blah. Basically, the guy with better stats is probably going to win a match. Here's the really diabolical part: you can pay real money to get a cheap boost to your stats, thus increasing your chances of winning. That's right: it's a game in which you do literally nothing but watch your stats go up, and you can pay to cheat your way to the top. I'll say it again: this is not a game; it's a piece of barely-interactive software that you can throw money into.

Slide to Play gives it a 2/4:
Despite its considerable flaws, we found ourselves enjoying The Witcher: Versus. The trick, it seems, is to play it in small doses. If you check in on your character a couple times a day, play a few matches and buy upgrades when necessary, then you'll probably have a decent time with the game. But if you're looking for action, or for a highly polished experience, search elsewhere.

TouchMyApps gives it a "Tap It" verdict, whatever that means:
At the moment, The Witcher is more of a novelty than a truly captivating experience. It tries to compete with the more established browser-based MMORPGs out there, but in reality there just isn't enough in the game to do so at the moment. The only really strong part of Witcher is the excellent selection of skills, though the complete absence of anything other than a limited selection of pre-set equipment and Player vs Player (PvP) combat makes the novelty fade far too quickly. If the developers expand on the gameplay, however, it has every chance of becoming a far more enjoyable online brawler going forward.

And 148Apps gives it a 3.5/5:
The Witcher: Versus is a fun game that uses the Witcher IP mostly for recognition and theme. There's no story, and the duels are rather simple; even so, that simplicity makes it an easy way to get a few minutes' entertainment. As a Witcher fan, I would have liked a more significant tie-in with the game world, but even so The Witcher: Versus is, if not a must-have, certainly a fun way to spend some time.