Class3 Interview

Horror videogame site Bloody Disgusting has slapped up an interview with producer Emily Diehl on Class3, Undead Labs' upcoming precursor to their zombie-MMO Class4. A couple of zombified questions:
There are a plethora of zombie games out there with more on the way, what's this game about and what makes it stand apart?

The main thing that sets Class3 apart from other zombie titles is its focus on survival. You know that whole (what would you do if you woke up tomorrow and the world were filled with zombies) question that horror fans like to debate? Playing our game will give you the chance to actually live out your answer. It's all about surviving in a world that's been completely wrecked by the zombie apocalypse. Rather than just running around and killing zombies, you'll be doing things like finding and fortifying a home base, going out into infested areas to scavenge for supplies, and rescuing other survivors and bringing them back to your community.

So this is an open world post-apocalyptic game, will its story follow suit or is it more of a linear experience?

Our core mission is to create a game that gives you the ability to answer the question, (How would I survive the zombie apocalypse?) Keeping that goal in mind, we're creating a true open world that gives you the freedom to explore your surroundings and take on enemies at your own pace. Of course, just like in the real world, there will be plenty of stories just waiting to be told, but how and when those stories unfold will be based on your actions and the choices you make while you play.