Dungeon Siege III Odo's Journal, Entry 1

Square Enix and Obsidian Entertainment have updated the official Dungeon Siege III website with a new Odo's Journal section, with the first entry providing background information about the game's narrator trying to reach Montbarron Estate (the very first building your character will enter in the game).
Rukkenvahl Forest - 10th Day of Dusken-fall, 1265

I write these words by the light of the moon, as I listen for the baying of hounds.

For five days, I've hidden in these woods, taking a long and circuitous path toward the Montbarron Estate. My pursuers are never far behind. It seems like a dozen times I've thrown their mastiffs off my trail, but somehow, they always find me again.

They know that I am the last of the Legion. From the rumors that I heard in Raven's Rill, all my comrades are dead - slaughtered by Jeyne Kassynder in the Mournweald. If they bring my head to Jeyne Kassynder, she'll drown them in glory and gold.

But they'll be sorely disappointed. I know these woods better than they do, and I can still reach the Montbarron Estate ahead of Jeyne, if I travel through the night. I made a promise to the Grand Master that I'd bring his wife and infant son to safety, and that promise, at least, I intend to keep. After that... our lives will depend upon what friends we have left.

When I stopped in Raven's Rill, I spoke to old Teodor Bassili. The boyar is hardly the man he once was, and he cannot walk unaided - gout, he tells me. Probably the work of a Lescanzi curse, from the days when we fought the Nine Crones. I suspect that the cause is more mundane, but he remains a good friend, and he assured me that his people are still loyal to the Legion, even now. I asked him to send word to his son, Lazar, and to certain woodsmen of the Rill whom I trust. I'll need their help at the estate. I can only hope that the younger Bassili is as loyal as his father and will not betray me to Jeyne...