Guild Wars 2 Norn Week, Day 1

ArenaNet has kicked off Norn Week on their official website, a week during which they will be profiling the race that first appeared in Guild Wars: Eye of the North. The opening post serves as a refresher and peek at things to come.
(Many of the races in Guild Wars 2 come from a background of displacement,) says Lore and Continuity Designer Ree Soesbee. (However, where other races see their tribulations as losses, the norn see it as a challenge, a chance to overcome adversity and reach greatness.)

Ree Soesbee continues, (The norn are absolutely not '˜big humans.' They have their own culture, their own ethics and morality. A norn seeks to master herself and drive her own body and soul to greatness through constantly testing her own physical limits.)

As you'll see this week when we take a closer look at the Wayfarer Foothills area, a norn player in Guild Wars 2 will have a completely different experience than a human player. (The norn starting experience is tonally very different from the human one,) Bobby Stein says. (The happenings in Wayfarer Foothills, while dangerous, are more about hunting and celebration rather than outright war.)