Star Wars: The Old Republic Community Q&A and Media

A six-question community Q&A and five pieces of new concept art are the primary highlights of this week's update to the official Star Wars: The Old Republic website. From the Q&A:
Q: So far the Consular seems to be coming across as more of a support/healing role. I'm worried that the class will take the boring back seat in group battles. Will Consulars be pigeonholed into one role? (asked by Brian)

A: Consulars, like our other classes, will have more than one viable role to play. One of our goals is to provide players multiple options within their classes you'll be able to take your Consular in several directions, and you'll be able to be useful in each role the class can play. We'll have more information about the Consular (and the other classes) coming online soon!


Q: Will players ever be able to make storyline decisions so radical that it changes their Faction alignment? (asked by Aaron)

A: At this time, we don't plan on allowing characters to change faction as part of the class story. One of the main reasons for this is that it would interfere with your class story's continuity. Every class has a detailed story that they progress through from level one until the level cap, and players will want to see how those stories unfold. That said, there is quite a bit of room for players to make dark and light side decisions throughout the game that affect your experience.