Gordon Walton Leaves BioWare Austin

Gamasutra is reporting that studio VP and co-general manager Gordon Walton has left BioWare Austin, though that certainly doesn't mean that work on Star Wars: the Old Republic will be coming to a halt anytime soon. Still, it's a bit strange:
Although Walton leaves the studio with its major project, MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic, still in progress, BioWare wishes him well and in a statement to Gamasutra emphasized its "appreciation... for helping bring the game to the phenomenal state it is in today."

According to the statement, BioWare's Rich Vogel remains BioWare Austin's executive producer and VP of production, and Star Wars: The Old Republic remains under the oversight of project general manager Greg Zeschuk and BioWare group general manager Ray Muzyka.

"It is business as usual at all BioWare studios, where we remain committed to creating, delivering and evolving the most emotionally engaging games in the world," concluded the statement. Electronic Arts is the parent company of BioWare, which also develops the Mass Effect and Dragon Age role-playing franchises.