EverQuest II: Destiny of Velious Interview

With SOE gearing up to release EverQuest II's eighth expansion pack on February 22nd, MMORPG.com caught up with producer Dave Georgeson and designer Carlos Mora for a brief interview about Destiny of Velious and the future of the game as a whole.
MMORPG.com: What impact do you see EverQuest 2 having on MMOs in the next decade?

Carlos Mora: Well I hope we bring something new to the industry. We are constantly trying out new mechanics and new ways of providing fun and entertaining events through our content. My hope is that it will become one of those games that when you are sitting at a BBQ talking about gaming with some friends and someone brings up the name (EverQuest 2) ears perk up and everyone can relive their times playing the game with fondness. If I can create a memory that lasts with a player then I feel my job is done!

Dave Georgeson: For all intents and purposes, what Carlos is hoping for here is already occurring. There are literally millions of people out there that have adventured through the world of Norrath in (EverQuest) and (EverQuest II). What EQII can bring to MMOs over the next decade is a thriving, growing game that isn't afraid to experiment with its own gameplay. The basic high-fantasy structure of the game will always stay intact, but the kinds of things you can do, the way the lore will morph over time, some of the dynamic elements we plan to bring forth in the near future.all are designed to keep the game fresh and fun for many, many years to come.

A regular retail game gets obsolete and old a few months after launch. The opposite is true of any MMO worth the name. MMOs get better, deeper, richer, and more fun over time because they never stop growing. The very best MMOs are the ones that also experiment and reach for new heights. That's what we're aiming for here at SOE with (EverQuest II).