Fallout: New Vegas v1.3 Patch Released on Xbox 360 and PS3

A version 1.3 patch for Fallout: New Vegas has been released on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, though oddly enough not PC, according to The Vault. The changelist is unknown other than it apparently adds trophies for the upcoming Dead Money DLC on PS3.

Addendum: turns out the Vault was misinformed and this is only a Trophy update.
Wanted to let you know there's a new game update coming soon which will optimize the game for DLC and cover some issues reported in our forums including performance and stability. We'll let you know when the update is released.

Update: A PS3 trophy update has gone live in some territories already. This update adds trophies for Dead Money... that's it. We'll provide more details (sometime soon) when the next full update is released.