World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Reviews

My guess is that anyone interested in World of Warcraft's third expansion pack has already seen most if not all that it has to offer, but if that doesn't apply to you, then these two reviews just might come in handy.

YouGamers gives it a 97/100:
World of Warcraft is still the number one and Cataclysm shakes up the world for the better. Finally returns some proper challenge to the gameplay and provides a fresh new set of endgame content - just not very much of it. A must buy for all existing World of Warcraft players and with up-to-date starting content, a good reason to jump in.

And The Gamers Paradise gives it a 9.5/10:
If you are new to the game or the genre, Cataclysm is the perfect way to start your addiction. It is the easiest one to get really fast into and if you can just hang in there with the walking until you reach level 20 you are set, because as of now, level 20 is the official mount level (or if a Worgan you get the ability to drop to all four and run like the animal you are). And by this time I'm also predicting that you are too into the game to finish off and you are going to run through the game until you have reached level 85. Yes 85 ladies and gentlemen, no longer 60, no longer 70, its now level 85. Meaning enough quests and action for you two enjoy this game for months and months to come.