Fallout: New Vegas Project Nevada Mod Announced

I don't actively follow modding much so this mod - announced in December of last year - kind of slipped my notice until BethBlog pointed it out. Project Nevada is an ambitious project focused mostly on improving the shooter elements of New Vegas. Watch the trailer here.

The Core module is the foundation of Project Nevada, and as such required by all other modules.

It adds the gameplay features found in popular first-person-shooter games that were yet missing in New Vegas. Some of those features are improved versions of already well-known features from FWE, like the Grenade Hotkey, Bullet Time or Sprint. All of them are rewritten from the ground up, with exciting new features like the support for several VATS perks in Bullet Time and support for throwing weapons with the grenade hotkey. Others are brand new, like the Dynamic Crosshair that changes it size according to the current weapon spread. Each of those features can be individually enabled or disabled in-game. They are fully script-based to play along well with other mods.

To allow customization, the Core module implements a Control Panel. For DarnUI users, it can be accessed directly from the pause menu. Other mods may extend the Control Panel without conflict and make use of the provided methods for streamlined hotkey assignment.

Since the Core module avoids conflicting changes, players are free run it alongside any other mods, including their favorite overhaul.


This module aims to bring back the challenge and balance known from Fallout3 Wanderers Edition and includes many tweaks to the FNV gameplay and difficulty. Combat will be quicker and deadlier and survival much harder. These changes are aimed to be very subtle and non-intrusive, making the game more challenging without inconveniencing the player.


Even though humanity nuked itself back into the Stone Age, you don't have to fight with sticks and stones. Some of mans most advanced technological creations have been preserved - and the Cyberware module gives you the chance to obtain them!

Practically this means new features are associated with cybernetic implants and high-tech equipment. Examples include enhanced vision modes for power armor helmets and bionic legs allowing you to charge towards your enemies with super-human speed.

While for equipment existing items are used, the cybernetic implants come with a custom interface to attach and manage them. The whole system is balanced by several mechanisms, like limiting the number of implants that can be attached at the same time, or requiring energy supply for special equipment.


The Equipment module brings new weapons and armor to the Mojave Wasteland. Source of these items are the many excellent creations produced by the modding community, as well as those created by our own team.

We aim to include only weapons and armor of high quality that fit well within the New Vegas environment and the Fallout universe in general. To ensure a seamless integration, the new items are carefully balanced and placed at appropriate locations, including vendors and loot lists.