Drakensang: The River of Time Ergo's AddonPack v1.50 Released

Following the recent digital release of Drakensang: The River of Time, GameBanshee community member Ergopad has updated his unofficial "addonpack" for Radon Labs' sequel to version 1.50. Magic is the primary focus of this update:
- Spell localization fixes
* Renamed "Elvenword Silken Speech" to "Elfenwood Silkenspeech" as it was in Drakensang 1
* Renamed "Restituo" to "Attribute Restoration" as it was in Drakensang 1
* Renamed "Rescindere" to "Rescindere Disenchant"
* Renamed "Thunderbolt" to "Fulminictus Thunderbolt"
- Renamed "Clumsy Oaf" disadvantage to "Slow", since there is already "Clumsy" and it's more describing now
- Renamed "Insensitive" disadvantage to "Fragile", to make it more describing
- Revamped advantage categories
- Added 6 new advantages for spells
- Added a new disadvantage for spells
- Fixed issue with installer if installation path doesn't contain any spaces