Morrowind 2011 Graphical Mod Released

If you're looking to replay Morrowind but feel the graphics need a serious overhaul, Neoseeker points to the Morrowind 2011 mod, a compilation of existing graphics mods which judging by the website has a very complicated installation procedure but Neoseeker promises it's worth it.
If you're a real Elder Scrolls fan, you love the crap out of Morrowind. You've also likely observed the modding scene for it over the years, which has transformed the game from a fugly prehistoric horribly animated monstrosity to something actually digestable by today's standards.

To make the whole process easier, fan Tyler Smith aka warwon -- who's been into the scene since launch -- has delicately compiled a list of mods together and tweaked as appropriate to give the best possible experience true to the vanilla game. Unfortunately, the whole process is still a pain, but should take roughly an hour versus the previous 5-10.