Mass Effect Cast Interview, Part Three

The Gaming Liberty continues to bring us new installments from their extensive interview with the voice acting cast from the Mass Effect series, with the third portion once again bringing us some responses from Mark Meer (male Shepard), Jennifer Hale (female Shepard), Peter Jessop (Sovereign), Michael Beattie (Mordin), Steve Blum (Grunt), Keythe Farley (Thane), and many others. A couple of excerpts:
Retroplayer- Mark, you've also worked alongside Bioware on Dragon Age: Origins in which you play a number of villains. What was it like playing characters that are pretty much the complete opposite of Commander Shepard?

Mark Meer (Commander Shepard)- Well, keep in mind there are probably some EXTREMELY ruthless versions of Shepard out there. I do enjoy playing villains, though -- especially monsters. I got to be several Werewolves in Dragon Age: Origins and all of the talking Darkspawn in Dragon Age: Awakenings, which was fun. And in ME2, I'm any Vorcha you meet -- the day we recorded that, I spent the whole day screeching and gibbering in the booth. Also fun. Now that I think of it, before Shepard, I almost exclusively played villains or creatures, with the occasional non-hostile NPC thrown into the mix.


Retroplayer- As an actor how did you tackle the story arc where Samara must track down and kill her own daughter?

Maggie Baird (Samara)- That was kind of intense. I am a mom so I had to pretty much leave my own feelings out of it. They played me tracks of my daughter though and I heard her in the scene we did together and she did seem pretty horrible so that made it easier.