Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money DLC Reviews

"Semi-positive" is probably the best way to describe the overall tone found in this latest batch of reviews for Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas - Dead Money DLC.

Xbox360Achievements.org gives it an 8/10:
Dead Money clocks in at a good five hours or so, and is well worth investing in if you're thirsty for more New Vegas action. There's plenty of what Fallout does best, with new melee weapons and guns to try out as well as several divergent conclusions to reach once you manage to successfully (or indeed unsuccessfully) pull off the Sierra Madre heist. But does Dead Money deliver on the same level as Fallout 3's DLC did? To a certain extent yes, but having played through the DLC episode, we can attest that Dead Money is absorbing while it lasts, yet you might still be left wanting more once the credits have rolled.

Dealspwn gives it a 7/10:
Dead Money succeeds at bringing something unique and interesting to New Vegas. It's creepy, engaging and provides a stiff challenge, but unfortunately the level design doesn't live up to the storytelling. Glory hunters and looters will have a miserable time; but most players will find Sierra Madre to be a thoroughly worthwhile trip.

Metro.co.uk gives it a 6/10:
The end game in particular just throws so much at you, including the bewilderingly confusing maze of the Sierra Madre casino itself, you can no longer forgive the game its wonky controls or constant freezes, glitches and bugs. Fallout is not primarily a first person shooter but this becomes so much of an action game by the end that the underlying gameplay mechanics just can't cope.

onPause gives it a 9/10:
If I could bestow some wisdom and parting thoughts, I would say this, be prepared to scream, save often, and have your melee weapons skill up to a decent level. Dead Money strips you of your gear. Most Ghosts have Bear Trap Gloves or Knife Spears. You may find some guns and ammunition in crates, but nothing beats the infinite ammunition of a melee weapon. Also, the story behind Dead Money is one worth taking your time and investigating. It fills in story holes that you didn't know or didn't remember.

And GamingBolt gives it a 6.0/10:
Story wise, the DLC is actually pretty good and I don't want to spoil anything but it was a worthwhile buy for that alone. There are many twist and surprises as well as the in depth classic Fallout style we have come to love. One thing you will want to do is PAY ATTENTION AND READ/LISTEN to what is going on, because that plays a large role in how you will understand the good story of Dead Money. Many parts were just so damn annoying that I just wanted to finish the quests after a while instead of looking around for things and taking advantage of the open world of Fallout New Vegas. There are a lot of places in this new are too that have rooms and places where cool things are bound to be found. For $10/800 Microsoft Points, Dead Money is worth its weight and if you can get past the difficulty of it, it does have a good story.