Fallout: New Vegas Dead Money DLC Review

Gamer Limit is first in line with a review of Dead Money, the newly released DLC for Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas. Their score is a 7.0/10, with these closing paragraphs:
Despite the fact that it was a bit too difficult at times, and sometimes felt uninspired, what I liked most about Dead Money is the fact that everything is encapsulated. The Sierra Madre has its own currency to spend on its own unique vending machines; most of the characters involved play into the main storyline somehow; and it has its own set of multiple ending sequences. Once you're actually in the vault and get to see what's in it, don't expect to be excited; you're either going to be completely let down, or complacent. I was the latter, as there isn't really anything (fun) item-wise in the vault, or in the entire DLC package to bring back to the Mojave Wasteland. That's perfectly fine with me, but I know a lot of players have come to expect (super) items from their Fallout DLC.

Ultimately, while Dead Money is a pretty fun affair, it doesn't really have the (wow) factor a few of the DLC packs did in Fallout 3. While the three hours it took to complete is on the longer side for downloadable content, I'm not really sure Dead Money is worth the full $10 asking price.