Unconfirmed: Mass Effect 3 is BioWare's Teased Title, Multiplayer Included

Joystiq claims to have word from "a trusted source" that BioWare intends to reveal Mass Effect 3 at this weekend's VGAs, and that the rumored multiplayer spinoff is actually just a new multiplayer component being added to the series in its third installment.
Joystiq has learned from a trusted source that BioWare's enigmatic teaser from last month represents the first glimpse of Mass Effect 3. As many have guessed, the third installment looks to feature something brand new to the series: multiplayer. We're currently unable to confirm that the multiplayer component will be part of the game's unveiling at the upcoming Spike Video Game Awards.
I don't think I've ever seen Joystiq post something like this without being really, really sure, so I think it's safe to assume that an ME3 announcement is in our near future.